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Our special event portfolio consists of nine, highly professional impactful events that we offer to our clients as a constantly renewed training programme and as individual events as well. The scope of the events is to help radiologists to develop their scientific skills by learning the appropriate diagnostic methods, protocols of examination, correct use of contrast media and so on. The faculties contain top experts from all around the world. The programs are usually very popular due to their high level scientific content.

An innovative course format: multi-national team activities, challenging quiz cases, individual presentations from participants & faculty. Outcome: building in knowledge and intercultural skills of participants
Top world class training in neuroimaging reach the sky of neuroradiology knowledge guided by the best teachers in the world.
Difficult vascular and non-vascular interventional cases, debated with colleagues from ten countries in the presence of a mentor. Learning the value of highly trained team, being able to cope with patience in crisis situations.
From zero knowledge to good skills in cardiac radiology in just 3 days. Can you imagine to go through 72 mentored cases in less than 24 hours of training? If yes, join us. If no, join us and we will prove.
Creating the next generation of effective teachers and trainers. How can you achieve this better than with a team of gurus?
3D rendering technique: will it change the future of complex oncologic imaging, surgery and survival of patients? If you want to know the answer, join us for this show in Ars Electronica Centre, Linz.
How can we identify quicker pancreas and liver diseases and prolong the decent life of the patient? During this 2 days programme you will learn and experience the state of the art techniques of early diagnosis.
The president of the European Society of Radiology and the president of the World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies will guide you on the way to expertise.
Where radiology and nuclear medicine meet for highlighting maximum possible details on metabolic and anatomic secrets of the body.

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